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Welcome to the New Canadian and Non-Native English Speaking Teacher's Resource Site!

This site contains resources and information for New Canadian and non-native English speaking teacher candidates at OISE/UT as well as for internationally trained teachers who are either considering teaching in Canada or already working in Canadian schools. You will find information about language and cross-cultural support services available from OISE/UT as well as links to resources outside of OISE/UT that have been selectively chosen based on the quality and the usefulness of the content offered.

Services at the New Canadian and Non-Native English Speaking Teacher's Resource Site are designed to provide information that will support pre-service and in-service teachers as well as to strengthen a sense of community at OISE/UT and beyond.

Our primary goal is to help you with the linguistic and cultural challenges you may be facing and to facilitate your ongoing professional development as a teacher in the Canadian context.

We look forward to your contributions to the interactive areas within the site, including those found on the Community Resources pages, and to your continued feedback, suggestions, and ideas as to how you would like to see the site continue to grow and evolve.


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This page last updated: Jan. 21, 2005